Current Obsession: Bob

This site is mostly random comedy babble, but I’m digressing for this post because I can’t stop watching “Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese” on Netflix. I’ve always respected… Continue reading

Twisted Highlights of Teaching Middle School

In between pretending to discipline the kids (which usually consisted of me yelling at them), they could be pretty funny. I taught an elective English course (which no one elected to take but… Continue reading

That One Time I Taught Middle School

It feels like I’ve done nothing in the past two years, but when I look back, I guess quite a bit has happened. Shorty after I worked my butt off to finally launch… Continue reading

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

I know I am a little (or a lot) late to this party, but have you seen the Shia Lebouf motivational video remix??? My buddy texted this to me the other day and… Continue reading

Is Anybody Out There?

Most days I forget that this blog still exists, until I randomly get a notification telling me that “your stats are booming.” Today was one of those days. And by “stats are booming”… Continue reading

How To Prank Your Ma 101

If you know me at all, you know one of my joys in life is terrorizing my mother.  Even at 35, it never gets old. And she loves every minute of it. Part… Continue reading

Kat Kat and Penaynay On The Loose!

  That’s right!  It’s a good old-fashioned road trip!  (Possibly) coming to a dive bar near you!

Happy New Year! You’re A WINNER!!

  Sorry, the audio is out of sync, but I didn’t want to rerecord because then it wouldn’t be legit! Since you could enter the contest more than once, there were 6 lucky… Continue reading

What’s In A Name?

In case you are wondering how Mama’s Been Drinkin got its name:   There are two days left the enter the MBD Super Awesome contest!


Ok gang, I am extending the contest entries until midnight CST on December 31, 2016. Since I didn’t get my buns in gear with the paperback until Monday, this gives my paperback people… Continue reading

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